Sunday, July 31, 2016

An Introduction.... Coached in Truth

Coach- The American English Dictionary defines a coach as "a teacher, or a person who is responsible for managing and training a person or a team. A coach is also an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill, especially one related to performance."

The term "coach" is used mainly as it relates to sports. When you hear someone talk about a coach, they are usually referring to an athletic coach. I have become a high school basketball coach and grew up playing basketball. Being part of a team and striving to work towards a common goal with a group of others is something I have grown to love. As a result, I've had many athletic coaches over the years. Over time, I began to realize that these coaches who coached me in different sports had just as much of an impact on my everyday life as they did on my skill development in that particular sport. I began to see that coaching was much more than just the sport or game you were coaching. It was more about showing people how to become something they never thought they would be able to become. It was about doing things you never thought you could do and teaching others how to do the same. It was about gaining perspective on what really matters and seeing things in yourself that have meaning far beyond the sport you’re playing.

Coaching is so much more than a sport, it is a way of life. No matter what I do in life I want to be able to be coached and to coach others while having a lasting impact in people's lives. So I searched for how I would do this. I wanted to research coaches who have been successful and why they were successful. I wanted to read about what made different coaches so great. When finally I realized that, all I was doing was looking at sports coaches. Here I am thinking about how I wanted to make my definition of coaching extend further than what the common definition of coaching is and I fell right into that manner of thinking. So where would I look now? So many teachers, mentors and coaches across so many different subject areas! Where would I even begin? Who would be the perfect coach for me to imitate? Then it dawned on me, only one coach I know is considered to be perfect. Only one teacher I have ever read about is considered to be faultless. Some people disagreed with him but no one was ever able to prove him wrong. Jesus Christ is the best coach anyone could ever ask for.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading about coaches like John Wooden, Jim Boeheim, Nick Saben, Gregg Popovich and many many others. All of them are phenomenal coaches! I think all of them would be the first to admit that even in their vast knowledge of the sport they coach and the years they have been doing it, that they are still far from perfect. Knowing that I am far from being perfect as well, I want to be humble enough to say that I will always need coaching if I want to continue to coach others. Why not be coached by the best? Why not be taught by perfection? What better individual to be coached by than the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Perfect in all his ways, He gives us fresh perspective in all that we do. That is why I am committed to reading God's Word and putting it into practice in every aspect of my life. If I am to be a man of my word and coach beyond the realm of a game, then I need to be coached by the most purest form of truth that I can find. The only place I can find that is in God's Holy Word.

With this blog I hope to provide insight into what it means to be Coached in Truth. I want to bring new perspective into the coaching world and provide a bigger picture to what I am trying to accomplish as a coach. Even if you aren't a disciple of Jesus or you don't believe he is the Son of God, I would still love for you to follow and read my blog. I want to offer you a look into the mind of a new coach, someone who has just begun their journey and is trying to make the most of it. I want you to experience what I am able to experience and understand some of the thoughts and feelings I have along this road. I want to show you how hard I am going to work in order to coach to the best of my ability. For any new coaches out there, looking for someone to relate with, I'm here. For any veteran coaches looking to see what some of the younger generation of coaches are going through, then this is for you as well. Come on this adventure with me to discover and take a look at what it really means to be Coached in Truth.

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