Saturday, February 18, 2017

Playmakers 2017 Devo - When Opportunity Comes Knocking

     It's been a while since I've posted anything and for that I apologize. I got really busy with the end of basketball season along with other things. Anyway, something I have been meaning to put up here for a while is a devotional that I did not to long ago. I'm going to copy over my notes for your to take a look at. It's nothing major just a few thoughts about making the most of every opportunity. Last mouth I traveled down to Tampa, Florida to play in the Playmakers flag football tournament. This tournament is the largest church sponsored flag football tournament in the country. I got to travel down with a bunch of good friends of mine and fellowship with my brothers and sisters from other church congregations as we participated in this weekend of flag football awesomeness.
     This devotional I wrote to share with my team the day we left to drive to Tampa. Now my team was made up of brothers from all over the North Carolina, South Carolina, and even Virginia areas. These are all brothers I have crossed paths with at some point in my life and have formed an incredible bond with. We all use to live a lot closer to one another but now we are all over the place but this is one tournament that we all look forward to because it brings us all back together, even if it's only for a weekend. Trust me when I say that these are the brothers I would fight for, these are the guys I would stand up for and these are the guys I would lay it all out on the line for. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Each an every one of them have played a unique role in helping me to become a better man of God. David had his Mighty Men in the Bible, well these are some of my Mighty Men.
     Sorry for the soap box but these guys are really special to me and I want them always to remember that. Win, lose or draw, these are by guys. So with that being said this is the devotional I shared with them before we made our trip.

Playmakers 2017 Devo

Many of you know I have started a blog called Coached in Truth. It's a blog dedicated to helping athletes out there who are striving to glorify God in their athletic endeavors. This has helped me to keep a Godly mindset in my own coaching. Any athlete knows it's easy to get caught up in all that surrounds athletics and quickly make things less about God and more about ourselves.

I want to talk about opportunity but before I do that I want you to think about your closest relationships. What makes those relationships so special? Why do you consider them close relationships? What had to happen in order for you to become close in those relationships?We are bonded through experiences. Athletics are one of those experiences we get to have. The highs the lows....all of it.

Athletics are a gift and it's a gift that allows us to connect with other people through sweat and tears. Real relationships have the potential of being formed. Trust that cannot be broken. There is something special when you get together with a group of others to try and accomplish something that is so mentally and physically taxing. It is really difficult to describe at times. Many people don't experience it through sports or athletics but they make experience it through other means.

Men tend to build relationships through experiences. When we experience things together, good or bad, we are bonded because of it. The opportunity we have to bond with one another begins with an experience.

What comes to mind when you think of the word opportunity?

Ephesians 5:15-17We are surrounded by opportunities each and every day that have the potential to build something that wasn't there before.

What are some of those opportunities? To love our spouse, to share the Bible with a coworker, to make something special for someone, to set an example, to serve. Do we see those opportunities?

We have an obligation to look for those opportunities and to make the most of them because the days are evil. God tells us we are on a time constraint. Once the 4th quarter ends....the game is over.

Have you ever bought something that was nonrefundable or had a nonrefundable fee attached to it? Examples?

Time is nonrefundable. You choose how you spend it, but you don't get any of it back. You choose what to put in front of you, what thoughts to dwell on, what you choose to focus on.

We have an opportunity this weekend. An opportunity to build something that was there before. Years from now when we tell our kids about how we drove to Florida for a flag football tournament (and win a championship lol) what will be the highlight of our story? Is it going to be about the actual games played or about the eternal bonds that were formed.

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