Saturday, October 5, 2019

Motivation vs Drive

Motivation vs Drive

A lot of people will talk about the important of motivation and how it leads to success. They will emphasize that with the right motivation, your opportunities to succeed will be endless. What exactly is motivation though? I mean most of everything we do has some form of a motive attached to it. Even mundane tasks like eating, drinking and sleeping are done with some level of motivation right? I mean we tell ourselves to try and eat better in order to have healthier lifestyle. We feel motivation to make sure we get enough sleep every night so that we can get the things done that need to get done the next day without feeling like we are dragging through the day. The problem is that just because we are motivated to do these things, doesn’t mean that these things will always get done or will always occur. So then what exactly gives us the ability to get these done. These things get done well when we choose to get them done. It comes down to the decisions that we make everyday and those decisions determine the outcomes of whether or not we get these things accomplished. 

Developing something I like to call “drive” is more important than any motivation you will experience. Motivation always comes down to a feeling that we have and drive will always come back to a decision that we make. Motivation comes and goes, sometimes we “feel” like taking care of our health, and sometimes we don’t feel or don’t possess the motivation to take care of our health.  (I use our health as an analogy but it can be applied in area of life you would like) I don’t always have the motivation to get up and go to work but I make the decision to do it because I know the result that it will hopefully bring, a paycheck so I can afford to live, eat and do the things I wish. So regardless of the feeling I have in the morning, I make the decision to get up and get ready for work.

So I would argue that developing an individual’s “Drive” vs  developing their “Motivation” is far more important and has a much better end result in the long run. If we teach people to work for a feeling, then we are leading them done a very dangerous path. Feelings come and go, sometimes we can control what feelings we may have and sometimes we can’t control them. The only thing that we as individuals have the power to control are the decisions that we make everyday. We need to make decisions every day based on what we believe is best for us. We cannot always control the consequences or results of our decision making but we always can control the decision that we make.

Why is this important? Everyday you are faced with choices. We may not always be able to control the results of our choices but we always possess the power to choose. I want my students and my athletes to understand this because when we truly embrace the fact that we have no control over results but only control of our decisions, then we can truly begin to progress as athletes and as individuals. Very few things in life are guaranteed, we aren’t even guaranteed to wake up tomorrow morning. When are faced with decisions everyday, when we are faced with important choices that we have to make, lets remember that you can only control what YOU can control. Honestly, when it comes down to it, the only thing we can control are the words that we say and the actions that we take. God gives us the ability to choose, what a blessing that is. We have the opportunity everyday so show the world how our choices reflect the love we have and the gratitude we possess for the life he has given us. So, what’s your choice?

Let that sink in. This has been an eye opener for me because I have so much in my life that I feel like I am suppose to control. I have so much that I feel like I am suppose to make happen but the ONLY thing I can control is myself. 

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